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$STND is built different

$STND tokenomics has two unique differences.

1. It is geared toward to circulate through Standard's apps, and 80% of supply is already dilluted for growth.

Growth through $STND circulation
Standard Protocol relies heavily on protocol revenue and membership to maintain the system, and $STND is used for circulation. Vested amounts by investors are now gone and tokens were distributed evenly to users with yield farming, making everyone to fully lead its value by buying tokens in the market. This was done due to focusing on the real use case of the protocol, not the token to pump and dump. The supply was distributed through yield farming and necessary liquidity provision to CEXes. Foundation now has about 8%, and it only aims to keep about 20% of total supply to maintain necessary liquidity across CEXes and DEXes.

2. It is an utility token, and it is used for getting active members who would govern the protocol based on their actions.

$STND supply
$STND is not a governance token nor security, making men in dark room who are irrelevant but has huge supply of $STND unavailable to control the whole protocol. $STND acts as a new utility asset to get membership, and make members who are most actively using protocol are eligible shape the future of Standard protocol. This gives more relevance and diligence to improve system than grifters. Standard's Foundation does not even control the system with tokens, and proposes new type of governance where real users who put most value in the system to govern.
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