Standard(STND) Point [$STXP] is the social reference currency for Standard ecosystem's perk and benefits. $STNDPoint is exchanged with other social currencies for promoting a community member's status or claim prizes on each season.

Earning $STXP

$STXP is an ERC20 token earned from farming through interaction in the app. The point acquisition is decentralized. There is no sybil check and everyone can get point just by using Standard app. The token usually can be earned from

  • Matching buy/sell orders in Standard exchange in incentivized pairs

  • Promotor quest rewards

Using $STXP

$STXP is used for governance voting on a proposal, and the points are burned once it is used. $STND is used for governance votes, but it is not burned once it is used.

It is also used for exchanging Standard Membership NFTs via purchasing $CLUB token with membership.

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