If trust is necessary, it is by design.

This section is for those who have extensive experience on computer algorithms.

Standard exchange operates without the need for a key holder or an external off-chain client to facilitate order matching and execution. All transactions occur directly between peers, devoid of any arbitrary human intervention. Instead, meticulously validated mathematical algorithms mediate trade interactions between buyers and sellers with the best outcome.

The best outcome can always be guaranteed, because the matching engine solves fractional knapsack problem, a variant of the well known computer algorithm problem in knapsack problem.

The design initially outlines its data structure, which enables the limitless storage of buy and sell orders. This innovative approach ensures that orders can be matched effectively without limits, employing infinity introduced by Georg Cantor.

Following this, the design thoroughly explores the algorithm and furnishes a rigorous proof demonstrating its convergence to a state where order matching is assured, all while staying true to the underlying mathematical principles and constraints. The phenomenon to prove assurance is frequently referred to as "Xenon's Paradox."

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