Welcome to the heart of our organization - our team. Each member brings unique skills and experiences, driving our commitment to innovation and excellence. United by a shared vision, we are dedicated to leading the way in Web2, Tech, FinTech, and Web3 sectors.

Team Members

CEO & Founder
As our CEO and Founder, Hyungsuk Kang is the visionary force behind our operations. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation, Kang leads our team towards groundbreaking achievements in the tech world.
Programs Director
Matthew Barrett stands at the forefront of our programs, embodying the role of a collaborative leader. With a rich history in leading successful marketing and sales organizations across Web2, Tech, FinTech, and Web3, Barrett's expertise is invaluable in steering our projects to success.
Community Manager
Derrick Ugiagbe, our Community Manager, is a versatile Fullstack UI/UX designer and web developer. As an active participant in various blockchain projects, his role is pivotal in nurturing and expanding our community. His expertise in blockchain technology enhances our community engagement and outreach.
Events Lead
Brendon Odom, our Events Lead, is a Certified Coreum validator and Corda Business Pro. With over four years of experience in crypto, Odom's expertise is a cornerstone in our events management. His dedication as a Web3 mentor enriches our team and community alike.

Vision and Goals

Our team is united by a vision to drive innovation and progress in the tech and blockchain spaces. We aim to build sustainable, user-centric solutions that shape the future of technology and finance.

Team Culture

We believe in a culture of collaboration, continuous learning, and innovation. Our team is not just about achieving goals but also about growing together, sharing knowledge, and celebrating our successes.