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Standard Protocol is your all-in-one DeFi app offering trading without slippage, making Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Altcoins work for you.
Introduction: Standard Protocol envisions simplifying complexities and pioneering transformative changes. This roadmap offers a glimpse of our next eight months—reflecting milestones, innovations, and the blueprint of our growth trajectory.
Vision Statement: Striving for clarity and purpose, our mission is crisply defined: Emerge as the all-encompassing DeFi nexus over the next nine months. A nexus where users can effortlessly swap, stake, and maximize their cryptocurrency potentials without sacrificing efficiency or security.
Our 2022 Achievements So Far
  • Ambassador Program Launched
  • Victory at NAVHack23
  • Beta Testing
Our Roadmap
October 2023:
  • Listing Service
  • Official Launch
November - December 2023:
  • Ambassadors Activation
  • Memberships/Pro-Subscriptions
  • Li.Fi Swap Integration
January - March 2024:
  • Perpetual Futures/Swaps
  • Telegram Bot
  • Omnygram-Bridge Services
April 2024 - May 2024
  • Launchpad
  • Market-Making Bots
  • SAFU: Unveiling a Flat Coin
For more information visit our Roadmap blog: here.
Feedback and Collaboration:
The very essence of Standard Protocol is its vibrant community. Your insights shape our tomorrow. Engage with us on our forums or touch base through our official communication channels. The future of DeFi awaits our collective genius. Released: 9/22/2023