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What is Standard Protocol?

Standard Protocol is a platform that provides various decentralized applications (apps) designed to empower individuals with self-sovereign finances. The protocol aims to create a fair market competition environment and promote transparency within the ecosystem.
By leveraging blockchain technology, Standard Protocol enables users to access a range of financial services and applications in a decentralized manner. These services may include decentralized exchanges (DEX), lending and borrowing platforms, yield farming, and other DeFi (Decentralized Finance) solutions.


The overarching goal of Standard Protocol is to create a decentralized and inclusive financial ecosystem that benefits everyone involved through fair, transparent, and competitive environment. Through the use of smart contracts and cryptographic technology, the protocol aims to provide secure, transparent, and efficient financial solutions, reducing reliance on traditional centralized intermediaries.
Standard Protocol's suite of apps and services allows users to have more control over their financial assets, facilitating self-sovereign management and ownership. The platform promotes fair market competition by providing a level playing field for participants and ensuring transparency in transactions and market operations.
Overall, Standard Protocol seeks to empower individuals by offering a range of decentralized financial tools, fostering fairness, and enhancing transparency in the financial ecosystem.


Exchange: Fully Decentralized Orderbook Exchange

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