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Standard Protocol (represented by the $STND token) aims to create a self-sovereign economy accessible to everyone. The $STND token plays a crucial role in maintaining the ecosystem's membership status. By using $STND tokens, users become members of the ecosystem and gain access to various perks and benefits.
Standard Protocol has created several applications within its ecosystem, each offering its own advantages and revenue sharing model to Standard Asset-Based Tokens (SABT), which are unique non-fungible tokens representing membership in the Standard Protocol community, similar to being a citizen. These applications encourage active engagement from SABT holders, and $STND token serves as the fuel for digital citizenship status within the ecosystem and acts as an index for the overall Standard Protocol economy. Through these applications, revenue is generated and distributed among SABT holders based on their performance, further motivating their active participation.
To obtain detailed information about the membership and the sustainable community incentive system of Standard Protocol, it is recommended to refer to the Sustainability document. The document will provide a comprehensive understanding of the membership structure, benefits, and the protocol's overall sustainability.

Where to get $STND

$STND can be bought in few centralized exchanges to fuel SABTs. The exchanges are:
For decentralized exchange, one can use SAFEX to get $STND and fuel SABTs.